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Start your healthcare business in Six months by attending our 2 day bootcamp.

“How You Can Have Even More Time and Money: Be your own Boss By Following This Easy 6-Step Process”


Find out how the attendees achieved six-figure incomes in less than 6 months. Learn How You Can Too!

From: Christine Blackledge, London

Step 3: Introduction

Many people have the feeling that they can’t start their own healthcare business, because they don’t have the time, education or capital.


But the truth is… you can easily start a healthcare business and make a six-figure income by attending the care business bootcamp and following my system

Step 4

I have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Have run various healthcare companies in the UK and the USA. I know what works and what does not.

My story is about how I went from working for some else to working for me, being a boss. I turned over a million pounds doing multiple healthcare businesses, starting off small with no money to where I am today using these skills.

Step 5

If You Would Like To Have Benefit 1, 2 and 3
Here’s a Proven Strategy To Get You There In The Shortest Time Possible


Healthcare Tiger Bootcamp

Step 6

Attend this bootcamp and discover:

  • The 6 steps to financial freedom

  • The number 1 biggest mistake most people make – and how you can avoid it

  • How to get contracts

  • How to make calls to potential clients

  • Type of care service

  • Set up of your care business

  • Policies and procedures

  • Understand Agency Laws & Care Legislation

  • Company setup

  • 6 months coaching

  • Much more

Proof that it works

Clients have worked hard and have achieved great results. One client started getting contracts after two months – see testimonials here:

Hannah now as 75 staff members currently working for her.


You get to attend a care bootcamp and get six months monthly 1-hour group coaching. £699 to attend the care bootcamp. Limited spaces available for first 10 bookings

I’ve spent 10 years and well over £100,000 learning from the best entrepreneurs, investors.

However I understand this care bootcamp needs to be affordable for you, and so you can enroll for just £699

FREE Bonus

1 to 1 coaching session at the bootcamp worth £250.

“Yes, I Want To Attend Your 2 Day

Millionaire Care Business Bootcamp”

I look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,

Name Christine Blackledge