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Our office is based in the South East of England and we are a national supply chain consultancy firm. Christine Blackledge is able to offer our services to healthcare businesses, that are already setup and running a healthcare business, who are registered with the Care Quality Commission, also known as CQC or Ofsted.

Our team of consultants are dedicated to finding lower value tenders from other public sector locations. This combination provides the most comprehensive range of lower value tenders available in one place. Our expert Christine Blackledge is currently working towards MCIPS qualification, Law with business qualification and is in her final year doing her master’s degree in professional coaching. Christine has over 20 years’ experience of supplying nursing care staff through applying for supply contracts, tenders with various county councils and NHS Hospitals.

Christine Blackledge opened up her first NVQ Centre in the UK 2001, providing NVQ Training to staff in residential home, nursing homes and homecare agencies. Our tender and bids consultants have generated millions of pounds turnover through supply Chain Agency Services. We have helped clients transform from providing staff to care homes and nursing homes, into supplying medical staff to public sectors like the NHS.

We have the expertise and skills needed to ensure your project is compliant with the NHS. The EU Procurement Directive 2014 enables SMEs to apply through EU Procurement Lower Value Tenders. We provide you with the support you need to enable you to secure business with the public sector. We will also provide you with the tools needed to succeed in tendering; whether you are new to tendering or had experience in the past. Our specialist procurement supply consultant Christine Blackledge will work with you and your organization to secure contracts with public sector.

Christine’s experience includes running several highly successful businesses in procurement, law and marketing. She opened her NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) training school in 2001, training staff in domiciliary home care. She also has over twenty five years’ experience in the nursing-care agency, supported living contracts, care home contracts market; where she tendered for numerous large-scale contracts and provided thousands of trained medical staff to the NHS and county councils. She is also a specialist in procurement-supply contract tendering.

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